Live Chart of Reef Water Temperature , Wind and Tide

These charts are principally to monotor potential coral reef bleaching conditions, and hence only update automatically December till March if you were using them and want them to operate year round or have any other queries please contact

These charts help to highlight the effect recent weather has on the reef temperature, through the role that tides & recent wind have on upper ocean turbulence and mixing

Updated Daily using data from

  1. AIMS Agincourt reef weather station
  2. AIMS Arlington reef logger data
  3. Jtide tidal modeling for green island
  4. Forecast; NOAA Global Forecast System ; obtained from NOMADS data servers
  5. Cross Section; BOM oceanMAPS 3.3 model output ; obtained from BOM THREDDS data server

Red dots signify occurrence of daily wind speed less than 3m/s


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